No Option But To Persevere with Michele Martin

No Option But To Persevere with Michele Martin

Episode 26

About this Episode

In this episode, I interview one of my dearest friends, Michele Martin, who has made beauty out of the broken, and found strength in being her own hero as she guides the next up-and-comer’s to do the same. Michele began her unexpected career path at an educational publishing company as a way to support her family and her husband while he pursued his own career in medicine. It was there, with the invaluable mentorship of the company’s leader, that she began to claim her own worthiness in the pursuit of success, and she pivoted into the world of IT and systems management. Michele aligned her passion for creativity, and educating and coaching others, with her own desire to achieve 6-figures, and she did just that. Through numerous shattering’s in her personal and professional life, Michele made what others would deem broken, into a beautiful mosaic, acting as a lighthouse for others still picking up the pieces.

Listen to our interview, filled with hard-earned and life-shaped wisdom on everything from the pursuit of success to modeling resilience for our children through our intentional and grace filled reactions to life’s peaks and valleys & spilled milk. Michele shares her powerful insights on becoming obsessed with our own potential, the power of our mindset and self-talk, and taking ownership of our lives and our decision-making. This episode will leave you feeling inspired to become accountable to yourself, to recognize the refining power of resilience, and armed with a desire to get back on the bike life just threw you off of. Tune in and begin picking up your own pieces, no matter how shattered they may appear; there is beauty in the creation of something new out of what the world views as broken.

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