Importance of YOU Time & How to Make It a Priority

Importance of YOU Time & How to Make It a Priority

If I am being honest, I’ve been pretty terrible at this for the last few weeks. Those who know me well, or those that follow me on Facebook would tell you one of my favorite things to do is take walks on the beach, often documented by a beautiful photo of what brought me great peace in that moment. Many would also tell you that I have a long list of friends who will comment on that post – to please add me to you list to join you next time. Yet, I never reach out. You see, this is what I call ME time. It’s important. It centers me. I collect my thoughts, I replay conversations or arguments from home that morning. I set goals, plans – you could say that some of my best ideas and moments of clarity come from having a clear head on my walks. ME time helps me to refresh, reset and recharge.

So, why have I allowed something that is so important to fall off of my list of priorities the last few weeks? IT’S CALLED LIFE. We happened to have had a flood at our house and I’ve been dealing with Insurance companies, contractors and plumbers. Many mornings, I will wait for hours when they never show on time – so why haven’t I taken charge of my calendar? Truth is, I find if derailed for even a couple of days, I then fall into the pattern of not making ME a priority and I feel OUT OF BALANCE. So how do I get it back?

Heres some tips:

1.) YOU time MUST be calendared. Fixed in your schedule, and non negotiable.
2.) Find what drives you. Maybe you don’t live near a beach, maybe its a hike, a manicure, a blow dry, an awesome workout. Find the one thing thats JUST YOURS and DO it.
3.) Come to terms with the fact that the one hour away from your kids, your life and work will make you a better YOU and that one hour lost will help you be much more efficient and present the other 23 hours of the day.
4.) UNPLUG….I often see others on SOLO beach walks talking on the phone, texting or listening to music. I will bring my phone but try my best to keep in a zipped pocket. Talking, texting – even the music fills your head and totally counteracts what you are there for in the first place. Listen to nature listen to your thoughts.
5.) Be comfortable being ALONE. There is a difference between being ALONE and LONELY. I used to be that mom who had to constantly be with someone, uncomfortable to have a table at a restaurant for a “party of 1” – it’s HEALTHY.

I’ve got my ME time BOOKED. I will get back on track starting today and I will be better for it. So will my work and my family. What about YOU? Find that ONE thing that brings you joy. Make it count. MAKE YOU A PRIORITY. Your kids will notice.

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