You Can Have More By Appreciating What You Already Have with Sharon Faustina

You Can Have More By Appreciating What You Already Have with Sharon Faustina

Episode 31

About this Episode


In this episode, I interview my friend and CFO, Sharon Faustina, whose life experience, work experience and education led her from her career origins as an accountant to solidifying her role as a CFO, where she combines her skill set for numbers with her passion for people. Sharon shares with openness the challenges faced and overcome being a woman in a predominantly male role; rather than continuing to take on more responsibility and working harder in pursuit of promotion, she emulated what she saw her male counterparts doing and began to step out of her reliable position and instead leapt into where she was going. With an appreciation for what she already has, Sharon is now pursuing what she envisions will allow her to thrive rather than simply survive as she enters a new season of personal and professional growth.

Listen to our interview, of being a proactive voice for yourself, of belief in yourself, and of belief in helping others rise to the opportunities they are presented. Sharon reflects on her own career path and education in a time where opportunities were not only restricted, but also reserved for men and inspires all of us to be the hand up to the next generation, rather than pushing them down out of fear. She shares the importance of personal growth and evolution, of seeking to grow not out of brokenness but out of curiosity, and the role of gratitude at the center of it all. This episode will leave you feeling inspired to seek that promotion by shifting your mindset and likely a few new chores added to your children’s plates. Tune in and discover the seemingly elusive connection between contentment and growth, of vision and achievement.

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