Mommy Maintenance

Mommy Maintenance

Halleluiah, today my body, mind and spirit were cheering as it was finally the day I had scheduled myself to get an hour long deep tissue massage! And truth be told this massage was long overdue as I sat stiffly in the waiting room chair thinking, “Why do I always let myself get to this point and why do I run myself down to the point my body starts to revolt against me?”

I literally had knots in my back and shoulder blades the size of silver dollars which finally had created a ripple effect on up to my neck muscles to the point where I was having difficulty turning my neck and head. It was yesterday the headaches and fatigue made their way into this picture after one of the longest and more stressful weekends of work I had worked in a while. The exhaustion and pain finally set in to the point all I could do was lay down and rest while my kids (age 2 & 4) napped. And napping is not something I do. Hardly Ever.

But today, after my massage, even in the pain of getting those silver dollars worked out of my upper back and neck for a whole hour, I reveled in the quiet. I reveled in the way my body finally relaxed and released tensions and toxins in that time, enough that when I got up to leave I felt refreshed and I could turn my neck and return home to my family feeling so much better than when I left the house for my appointment. Taking care of me is what allows me to best take care of my family and ultimately be the mom I want to be.

And this, my friends, is what Mommy Maintenance is all about.
Mommy Maintenance is giving yourself permission to step into the mindset that it is okay and important and vital to take care of our health and set aside special time to do something that makes us feel good, healthy, beautiful and refreshed of body, mind and spirit, so that we can in turn be our best self for ourselves and our families.

So, for all you mommy’s out there running on “E” just like me. Here’s some great Mommy Maintenance ideas to give a try. (And yes, after this blog I’ll be printing these tips out for me and my, “Type A, driven, pleasing personality, run on coffee self”, to be working on daily too.)

1. Schedule a Deep Tissue Massage or Spa Time
Today I brought with me a pure essential oil soothing muscle blend of Blue Heat, Frankincense, and Lemongrass for the massage therapist to use & my muscles are thanking me already.

2. Exercise On A Regular Basis – Find what activity feeds your soul.
I have found that yoga has been one of the best restorative and strengthening activities that has rejuvenated my spirit and it can be done with minimal equipment and minimal expense.

3. Rest- Take a nap and go to bed early
Here’s a great article put out recently by the CDC on sleep called “Are You Getting Enough Sleep.”

4. Journal

5. Read A Book In Your Favorite Quiet Place while indulging in some dark chocolate and your favorite cup of coffee or fancy tea.

6. Give Yourself A Mani/Pedi with a happy, bright color.

7. Sit Outside And Watch The Sunrise Or Sunset.

8. Soak In The Bathtub with some lavender essential oil infused epsom salts to calm and relax and decrease inflammation in your body.

9. Sign Up To Take A Class To Learn A New Skill such as painting, pottery, jewelry making, dance, guitar or some skill you’ve always wanted to try.

10. Get A New Hair Style, Color Or Just A Refreshed Haircut.

11. Sit Back And Watch Your Favorite T.V. Show Or Movie without any distractions.

12. Go To The Beach Or Near Any Body Of Water, as this is an energy booster.

13. Say “No” to things that are draining your energy.

14. Do Absolutely Nothing for 10 minutes or an hour or for a day as far as household chores are concerned and allow yourself to just be present in the moment with yourself, your family and count the blessings around you.

Life is good. Motherhood is great, but Motherhood is no cakewalk and I am walking it out one day at a time and learning to give myself and others more grace in this fast-paced life I lead and say “Yes” to more Mommy Maintenance and “Yes” to a healthier, happier me and family! I hope you will too!


Jara Johnson
(Wife, Mother, Marketing Educator, Medical Technologist, Singer/Songwriter, Wearer of Many Hats)

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