Friday Spotlight: Jennifer Becker

Friday Spotlight: Jennifer Becker

Jennifer Becker took an entire month last summer to travel with her husband and children. “My time was so well spent with my kids,” she says. “We were out in a cabin in the woods—it was the sort of thing I never would’ve been able to do in corporate America.”

Jen isn’t saying that hypothetically, either. She worked in corporate America for 15 years, building a career in supply chain management for big-name multinational corporations. She was, by most definitions, a “success,” but some days, it just didn’t feel that way.

“I had a busy career,” she says, “and I wasn’t seeing my kids very much.”

Fortunately, she met up with Heidi Bartolotta, who had accomplished precisely what Jennifer was looking for. Heidi had left behind a corporate America career and built a business, Moms Making Six Figures, that helped her come home to her own children and be with her family.

“When I first heard about what Heidi was doing, I thought, ‘Good for Heidi—she gets to stay home with her kids and make a little money,’”
Jennifer says. “Then I saw how much she was earning. I called her that weekend and said, ‘How can I do what you’re doing with your business?’”

It wasn’t easy, but with Heidi’s mentorship, Jennifer made the same leap and came home to her family. And she quickly learned that investing time and effort upfront could help her reap the benefits for long afterward.

Today, not only does Jennifer have more time for her children—she also has more time for herself. She’s healthier and healthier—and just better all around.

“In the corporate world, I worked in senior management, so I could never show my compassionate or emotional side,” she says. “I think it made me kind of a cold person, and that sometimes crossed over into my home life and my relationships.

“Now, I’m a more compassionate, more affectionate wife and mother. There’s so much more joy in the work I do, and I can truly say that the people I work with are some of my best friends. Moms Making Six Figures has made me a stronger, better person. And now I can be the kind of mom I want to be.”

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