Jennifer Becker and MM6F Featured in 92127 Magazine

Jennifer Becker and MM6F Featured in 92127 Magazine

Change. It’s hard, but worth it.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit we need to make a change. My story is probably one many moms can relate to. My husband and I struggled to conceive for years, so to fill the void, I decided I would put all of my time and energy into climbing the corporate ladder. Along the way, we finally welcomed our first child. By that point, I had put so much into my career that I was convinced I could do both – be a super mom and a powerhouse businesswoman. At age 30, I was running an international supply chain organization and gave birth to our second daughter. This time it was a little different: not just caring for two children, but our second daughter was born with significant health issues. I was torn between a career I loved and a child who needed me more. Naturally, my priority was tending to my daughter’s medical needs, so I stepped out of the corporate world for nine months.

During those nine months, she made great strides, and just as I was starting to contemplate what was next for me, a job offer fell in my lap. I leaped at the opportunity, but within seven short months,
I found myself traveling domestically and internationally far more than I had anticipated and was missing my kids like crazy. It was then that I realized just how precious those nine months at home with my girls were, and I knew I needed to somehow find a balance between my work and home lives.

My husband and I thought that maybe owning our own business would give us the time and freedom I was desperate to have. A new shopping center was opening in a promising area near our home with multiple franchise opportunities available, so we thought we had found our answer. My husband and I were going to spend our life savings and take out a second mortgage to get it started.

A month before I was to fly to the franchise’s headquarters to sign the paperwork and be trained to run the business, I met Heidi Bartolotta, founder of Moms Making Six Figures. My husband and I refer to Heidi as the woman who changed everything for our family.

Heidi founded a local marketing and advertising company for women with one common goal: coming home to their families while still being able to earn a significant income. I was skeptical (to say the least) but after weighing my options – continuing to work for a company I wasn’t happy at or sinking over $100,000 into a franchise – I didn’t have a lot to lose by simply giving the Moms team a chance. I worked with Moms for a year part-time while still grinding it out at work. After that year though, I was able to quit my full-time job and within two years replace my corporate salary. Looking back, it was the change I desperately needed, as I now have the time I need to be a more patient mom and wife. Don’t get me wrong, realizing that a change was necessary and then actually making it was very scary, but I would do it all over again to “own my schedule” the way I do now. I have never missed a class party or field trip, and I know those are the things my children will remember. What I’ve realized is that with the right tools and people to support and guide you, anyone can successfully make the same change I did.

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Thank you to 92127 Magazine for featuring Jennifer Becker in this month’s issue!

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