The thought of traveling overseas as an adult can create anxiety. Add kids to those travel plans and you’re talking about a whole new ballgame. Fortunately, it can be done, and you don’t need to hold off on those exciting adventures until your kiddos are older. A little planning and you’ll be

Have you ever watched any of those obstacle race shows and wondered, “what are those people thinking?” Or maybe you said to yourself, “I could never do that.”  I remember thinking, “those people are crazy!” Then one day, I woke up and decided I needed to challenge myself. A group of 

“I’ve fought the fight – life lessons through a football great” You may or May not be a sports fan. You may or may not be a football fan, but you would have to be living in a hole not to know who Peyton Manning is, and what significant event happened today. You can call [&hel

6 Tips: Child-Proof Your Home If you are the parent of young children, or you have young children coming to visit with their parents, here are some tips to make sure they stay safe while in your home: Cover electrical outlets. Plastic electrical covers are a cheap and easy way to protect small child

Facing Facts: A Guide to Verifying Information on the Internet Harmful amounts of lead in lipstick, flesh-eating banana peels, toxic tampons. These things may sound outrageous, but claims of their mass distribution can be found on the Internet. So it must be true, right? Thanks to the advent of the

Mamarazzi: Taking Better Pictures With Your Smartphone “Mooooom, another picture? Really?” I can’t count the number of times my siblings and I squawked that question. I was convinced that my mother could have easily pursued a lucrative career in the paparazzi when I was growing up. Among the c

Ahead of the Game: Raising a Good Sport For kids, few things compare to the giddy elation of victory or to the crushing disappointment of defeat. Heck, it’s pretty much the same for adults. Our challenge as parents is to learn to temper these reactions, so we’re not raising whiny kids who scream

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