Ask Her More: 20 Fun Questions to Ask Your Daughter

Reese Witherspoon

Ask Her More The Oscars have come and gone. But in their wake has been a wave of social media chatter. One of the most surprising reactions involved a negative response to Reese Witherspoon’s endorsement of the Ask Her More campaign, a call to acknowledge that actresses are more than their wardrobes. As parents, we . . .

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Moms Celebrate Back-To-School Bliss


Back-to-School Bliss I don’t know who coined the phrase “lazy summer days”, but I’d like to meet that person and ask how it’s done. Then lock him in a room with my mischievous munchkin from June to August and see just how lazy he feels. For a parent, there’s hardly anything lazy about summertime. It’s . . .

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Protecting Your Kids From Their iPhones

Protecting Kids on iPhones

Protecting your kids when they have iPhones can be tough! Here’s a few tips to help keep them safe and you in control of what they see and can do on them.

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7 Tips To Make Your Summer Road Trip Great

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Family Road Trips When I was little, our family would pack up the station wagon and drive up to Durango, Colo., anticipating a summer filled with mountain adventures and tourist-town charm. After school let out, Mom, Dad and my four siblings would brave the 14-plus-hour journey. Time seemed to speed by as quickly as the . . .

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7 Techniques For Creative Discipline In This Day And Age


Creative Discipline Raising kids, you have to deal with a range of misbehavior, from apocalyptic hissy fits to broken curfews. Unless, that is, you have the perfect child, like I do. Once, in response to bath time, my son thought it a fitting revenge to create a wall mural beside his crib using his diaper . . .

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Worlds’ Toughest Job. Mom.


Thank you, Mom After watching an online greeting card company’s humorous and touching Mother’s Day tribute World’s Toughest Job video, I’m convinced that a day isn’t enough to thank the woman who has devoted her life to making ours better — Mom. They say that you never truly appreciate your mother until you become one . . .

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The Best Vitamins And Minerals For Your Family

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Nutritional ABCs & DEs Providing your family with healthy food can be a daunting task. First, there’s how to sort through the ever-changing recommendations for what to put on (or leave off) the menu. Milk, for instance, used to do a body good. Now, it has been banished from some breakfast tables for its sugar . . .

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How Do Parents Create Confidence In Children?


Creating Confidence Model and performer, Tyrese Gibson recently released a video on YouTube, where he encourages his daughter to repeat self-affirming words in order to instill in her a sense of self-worth. While adorable, the father-daughter exchange also raises an important question: How do we, as parents, raise confident children? It’s not easy, especially in . . .

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Motherhood. One Of The Toughest Jobs.


Mother of Invention Gone are the days when the ideal homemaker sported a perfect coif, heels and pearls while tidying the house, setting the table and preparing a casserole dinner. Though I’m not sure women in my family ever strove for this standard (unless ponytails, slippers and sweats count), things have come a long way . . .

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Mommy Wars. Everybody’s Business.

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When you start a family, it seems as if everything you do is fair game for scrutiny. You’ll find yourself fiercely defending what once felt like the most inconsequential decisions, as if your child’s future wellness and happiness were in the balance because you purchased a particular brand of stroller. Then there’s whether you breastfeed, . . .

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